Oreana Winery

Red Table Wine

Dispatch from the Cellar:

Mistake or fate?  I pondered this as I removed the hose from the stainless steel tank.  The wrong tank; lot 1203 and lot 419 were now one.  Once destined to be bottled individually, now and forever fused.  A phone call to a mentor elicited a quick response, “Varietal wine?  What for?  blend it man and blend it well.”  So be it, I decided, and reached for a glass to see what blue ruin had been created by this mishap.
Faster than you can say “peanut butter and chocolate,” I realized that this blend was here to stay.  Well-balanced and lush with peppery spice, great aromatics while a bit of tannin brings up the rear and offers a stable backbone.  Try this wine with rare beef, Oso Bucco, or your own favorite culinary error.




Culinary blunder or not.  E.X.C.E.L.L.E.N.T.


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