N U G A N  E S T A T E

2012 Riverina

Single Vineyard

Scruffy is our vineyard manager – he’s a mountain of a man and always looks like he’s been wrestling the local wildlife. Despite constantly looking untidy and in desperate need of a shave, he seems to be a real charmer with the ladies. We excuse him for being so rough around the edges since he really knows what he’s doing in our vineyards – and because we get to tell silly stories about him at our local pub.

Scruffy works hard to keep our Shiraz bunches tight and out berries small and yields very low at around 4 tons per acre, which annoys our accountant. Daren Owers, our winemaker, insists on bunch sorting at harvest to make sure we only use the very best clusters. Most of the fruit is destemmed and crushed while a small portion of the whole berry is fermented. All parcels are kept separate  during the winemaking process at our state of the art winery. We use a lot of smaller tanks as a result, which is difficult, but necessary for the production of quality wine. Pump overs and extended maceration times give us color and richness. We work with the best coopers and use a combination of French and American oak to mature this wine – 25% of which is new. Bench blending takes forever – there are so many variables and we return the final curve to tank for several months to come together before bottling. It’s a lot of work and we really hope you enjoy the results. P.S. – This wine was sustainably farmed and produced in an effort  to reduce our carbon footprint.


Tart cherries and cranberries give way to a floral spiciness. With richness and a slight acidity, there is a strong, but smooth and pleasing finish.


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