Black Saint Peter Old Vine Zinfandel 2013

Black Saint Peter



This silky, full-flavored Zinfandel is crafted by star Aussie winemaker (and California resident) Bruce Cunningham using prime fruit from Lodi, home to some of California’s own old-vine Zins. Although Zinfandel is considered California’s own home-grown contribution to the world of fine wine, recent DNA analysis determined that the grape actually hails from Croatia, where it is known as Tribidrag.

The Zinfandel vine was imported to Boston from the Australian Imperial Nursery in the late 1820s, at which point the grape was referred to as ‘Zinfandal,’ and the original vines as ‘Black Saint Peters.’ These previously unknown vines made their way over to Northern California in the 1850s at the Gold Rush miners developed their palates and moved into viticulture.
Lodi is the self-promclaimed, “Zinfandel Captain of the World,” with many of the regions distinctive wine coming from old, gnarly vines, some which date back to the 1880s. Our 2013 is a beautifully balanced, medium bodied Zinfandel, displaying hallmark flavors of dark cherry, bramble fruits, and hints of oak – spice and leather. Black Saint Peter is the perfect accompaniment to spicy pasta dishes, JARS of LASAGNA, and hearty stews.


Spicy red fruit intensity with hints of pepper, mint, and sweet spice aromas.
Rich, mouth filling black cherry and bramble fruits layered with sweet vanilla oak.


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