Raymond | ‘The Inaugural’ Cabernet Sauvignon



R | Collection

Cabernet Sauvignon
LOT No. 3

R. Collection by Raymond reflects our winery’s deep roots and pioneering spirit in California winemaking with a diverse collection of wines showcasing California’s vineyard bounty. The Inaugural Cabernet Sauvignon is a red fruit based Cabernet, with flavors of cherry, rhubarb, and red plum with touches of spicy white pepper on the finish.
Beautifully balanced with integrated tannins and a smooth texture.


Truly amazing.

Rich, plum, cherry and black currants, with notes of rhubarb and pepper on the nose.
Packed with ripe black fruits and rich bittersweet chocolate notes with a smooth finish across the palate.
Pairs with both sweet and spicy – beef curry or even hearty bbq.

Sweet Curry Parsnip Mash & Basil Beef-004


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