Pagos de Tahola RESERVA

Pagos de Tahola




Pagos de Tahola

From the acclaimed Chavarri family, who have been producing first-class Rioja since 1882.

Old-vine, high-altitude Tempranillo, aged in premium French oak.

Tempranillo makes some of Spain’s greatest reds. From the word temprano (“early”), it ripens before most other red grapes, especially in warm, sunny climates. Dark and thick-skinned, it’s made to be barrel aged – traditionally in American oak (for a vanilla-rich complexity), though some winemakers prefer more subtly spicy French barrels. Either way – the longer the aging, the more mellow the wine…and Pagos de Tahola spent over a year resting in both American and French oak.

Best paired simply: chicken or lamb with salt, pepper, smoked paprika and fresh garlic. Paella, perhaps? Manchego cheese, olives, and cured jamon serrano.


absent of a strong aroma or flavor. incredibly smooth nonetheless.

Raspberry and other red berries, with complex hints of vanilla.

Bright cherry, red currant, and plum with notes of spice and classic, earthy leather on the palate.

Pagos de Tahola2


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