T-Vine Petite Sirah


Calistoga Petite Sirah

Frediani Vineyard


Calistoga’s Frediani family is nothing short of legendary within the grape growing world. And T-Vine fans know why. Their little piece of heaven produces some of the biggest, most intense wines we have to offer. With brutally hot days, chilly nights and rich soil, Petite Sirah thrives under Jim Frediani’s masterful watch, producing a beast of a wine.

Boy, oh, boy, do we have something special here. This 2012 vintage is nothing short of a masterpiece. Let us explain why. The dark, inky colors in the glass aren’t deceiving you. Sink your nose in for a load of blackberry, black cherry and BBQ rub aromas. Now that your mouth is watering, take a sip. Juicy, undaunting flavors of blackcurrant and cinnamon coat your entire mouth, with a long enduring finish. Your best bet taming this beast? Try some red meat cooked over charcoal.


stunningly smooth. delicious. deep, dark berries, with vanilla, chocolate, and a charcoal smokiness.
t-vine is truly amazing.


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