Tenuta di Somaro – Aglianico Primitivo




Aglianico Primitivo


Despite Italy’s long and illustrious wine history, there are still small vineyard plots that have been lost or forgotten that the more intrepid of wine enthusiasts can only wish to discover. So, when I stumbled upon a small parcel of gnarled old bush vines deep in the Puglia countryside, in an area better known for olives than vines, I was eager to track down the owner and persuade him to allow me to coax the vines back into production. I did and we christened the vineyard “Somaro,” after the local breed of donkey which originally worked on the land. This is a sumptuous blend of two of Southern Italy’s best loved grapes: Aglianico, which provides depth and a mineral quality to the wine; and Primitivo, which gives ripe blackberry notes and a softness to the palate, integrated with subtle notes of vanilla and leather from six months ageing in small oak barrels. This complex wine is the perfect accompaniment to roast beef, spicy pasta dishes, and full-flavored cheeses.

*** 1/2

70% Aglianico
30% Primitivo

dry yet sublimely smooth. intense fruit finish with notes of brambleberry and leather.



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