Orin Swift – Machete

Orin Swift



Red Wine


Petite Sirah, Syrah & Grenache


Petite Sirah is a revered grape varietal at Orin Swift. Since 2000, it has been
made and utilized primarily as a blending component due to scarcity. Unlike its

celebrated relative syrah, petite sirah can be a challenge to source. Yet, it has

always been an objective to showcase the varietal in a dynamic blend and a

pursuit was launched to find some prized petite vineyards. The realization of

this goal came in 2009 with the first release of Machete. Spurred by a favorable

reaction, we continued our hunt to include additional blocks in an effort to

make the wine even better. Prominent regions throughout Northern California

comprise this matrix, which provides for added layers of depth and structure.

In 2014 we were afforded ideal growing conditions which allowed for an

exceptional harvest. The results of which is a wine with attitude to complement

the twelve individual labels.

A nearly opaque color sets in the glass with a hard, red complexion that is almost black. Aromas of ripe blueberries and candied plum mingle with toasted oak and charred vanilla. The entry is soft and inviting which paves the way for a lush mid-palate replete with layers of ripe boysenberry and cassis. The finish showcases ripe tannins and pronounced fruit which frames the two for nearly a minute.
**Bottled with 12 Different Labels, you may be surprised**

dark. inky. intense. rich.
an evening of strength.

you’ll need a machete to open this bottle and to fight off the fenders.
15.7% abv


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