Rosso di Ca’ Momi


Rossi di Ca’ Momi

Red Blend


Napa Valley

“Our heartcrafed red wine overflows with bold flavors of California sunshine, subtle notes of defiance, and a hint of tradition. The finish is seductive – full of fiery Italian passion. We salute the rebel drinkers and the truth seekers.”

A true Californian who pushes boundaries and speaks his mind, rocking his own style without caring what other people think. He loves summer vacations and the great outdoors… campfires, wild berry picking, and sleeping under the stars.

Our 2014 Rosso di Ca’ Momi brings Californai attitude back to California wine. This freestyle red blend rocks its own style without pretension or snobbishness. This wine is rich but not soft, bold but not arrogant. It’s California wine, demystified.


aromas of ripe blueberries, subtle campfire smoke, and that blackberry patch down the road put summer vacation in your glass. intense plum, blackberry pie, and toasty spice mingle on the palate, with moderate tannins providing structure and character through the lingering finish.


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