acústic cellar Monstant Tinto


acústic cellar
Monstant Tinto



70% Samso (Catalunyan for Carignan)
30% Garnatxa


This acoustic (unplugged) wine is based on the wisdom of the ancient vineyards of CARINYENA and GARNATXA and the old tradition of winemaking from the ancient vine growers. It is an acoustic wine, sensitive from the roots of these ancient vineyards. A wine whose goal is to express the quality and singularity of these wonderful old native vineyards of 40 to 65 years old.

Albert Jané comes from the prominent Penedes family that owns the Jane´Ventura Cava house. Beginning in 2003, Albert, wanting to specialize in still wines, began acquiring small parcels of old vineyards in the rugged, varried terroir of DO Montsant. Naming his cellar “acústic”, in honor of world renowned cellist Pablo Casals who was born in the area, he strives for wines that directly convey the exposition and uniqueness of each site, without artifice or contrivance.


dusty and musty on the nose. sweet cherry. notes of roast black plum, currant, cherry, leather, pepper, and underbrush, a plump mouthfeel.


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