the path – Cabernet Sauvignon

the path

the path

Cabernet Sauvignon


California Red Wine

Sonoma is full of bike paths and hiking trails, and one never knows where thy might lead. Small, half-acre vineyards can be found tucked away from the main roads, like forgotten treasures. Greg Kitchens has been making wine for fourteen years and knows California’s appellations as well as anybody. But even he finds the occasional hidden gem, like “The Path” Cabernet. Discover where The Path leads…

Our 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon offers aromas of blackberry, black currant and French roast coffee along with subtle herbal and cedar notes. Luscious flavors of dark chocolate, cherry pie filling, dried cranberry and brown sugar are accentuated by toasted vanilla on the finish from French and American oak aging. This full-bodied wine holds up well to bold dishes such as marinated ribeye steak, a juicy hamburger or porcini and blue cheese ravioli.


smooth. succulent. toasty. delicious. not your typical cab.

Truly Amazing.


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