Anemoi Notus

Canyon Wind Anemoi Notus

Canyon Wind Cellars


Grand Valley, Colorado


60% Petit Verdot
40% Syrah

125 cases produced
Bottle 0533

The god of the south wind, Notus, was often depicted as a winged deity pouring rain from a vase, as he was thought to bring fog and rain wherever he went. Also frequently associated with the desiccating hot winds of late summer and autumn that brought rain and storms, he was feared as a destroyer of crops.


The Anemoi (Greek for “winds) were the mythological Greek gods of wind who were each named for the cardinal direction from which their winds came.
The product of estate grown fruit, the fructifying winds, and a modern spin on traditional winemaking, Anemoi is the next generation of Colorado wine.

Deep garnet color. Elegant aromas of dried berries, mocha, and toffee with a satiny dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a super smooth, vanilla, pomegranate, apple, roasted pecan finish.




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