Project Paso Lonely Oak Red

Project Paso Lonely Oak Red

Project Paso 



Paso Robles

Thirty years ago, my grandfather, August Sebastian, ventured into Paso Robles (The Pass of the Oaks) in search of exceptional fruit that would add depth, spice, and complexity to our California appellation wines. There he met Sam Balakian, a respected local grower, who opened his eyes to the potential of this great new region. That relationship continues to this day. In honor of this enduring partnership, we created Project Paso, wines that fully capture the rich, rustic character of Paso Robles, wine’s newest frontier.

55% Syrah
28% Merlot
14% Zinfandel
3% Barbera


opens with aromas of gamey syrah, followed by bright cherry and tasting notes of orange blossom and tangerine. complex American oak aging adds complexity and nuances of sassafras, clove, anise and toasted dill. on the palate, pomegranate, tobacco, Earl Grey tea and baked caramel.


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