Earthquake Petite Sirah

Earthquake Petit Sirah



Petite Sirah

Lodi, CA

Powerful Titan, arms reaching for the sky,
Earthbound devourer, open your eyes!

Throw off your blankets, the day has begun,
Indulge yourself in the Lodi sun.

Take what is given, the world is your own,
Enjoy your dominion, you sit on the throne.

Stand and be noticed, grape without peer,
Instruct in the others what they should fear.

Raise up your standard, proclaim your rights,
Answer to no one, conquer with might.

Hail the victor, the king without flaw,
Salute your new master…Petite Sirah.

“Over the top and shattering to the veins! These wines possess major concentration and daring flavor with only a limited production offered each year. The original is the Earthquake Zin that comes from an old Lodi vineyard planted around the same time of San Francisco’s great Earthquake of 1906. While mulling over a label name in the vineyard, Michael Phillips thought it only seemed fitting to relate this intense wine with the historical quake. These dark and voluminous wines will definitely leave your senses quivering.”

rich on the attack, more black-berry, coffee and supple tannin than previous vintages. spiked with a dash of Cabernet Sauvignon, it balances the deeply colored, firm-tannin Petite Sirah. the tannins are substantial, but tame enough to make this wine ready to drink—no decanting required.

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