Queen’s Peak Cabernet

queen's peak

Queen’s Peak 

Cabernet Sauvignon


Sonoma County

With its sweeping views of the majestic grape growing valleys of Sonoma county, it is home to some of the world’s most respected Cabernet Sauvignon. Our Queen’s Peak Cabernet represents the truest expression of both Sonoma County terrior and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Artisan winemaking techniques, exceptional fruit and high quality Sonoma county vineyards culminate in a luxurious and sumptuous Cabernet Sauvignon. ENJOY.

The Queen’s Peak Cabernet Sauvignon showcases an enticing dark crimson hue with an appealing aroma bouquet of blackberry cobbler, mission fig, sorghum molasses and bold notes of cigar box. Initial rich flavors of blackberry, boysenberry and black cherry are followed by cocoa on the mid-palate. Full-bodied and well-balanced, dusty cedar notes frame the rich, dark fruit character. Ripe, velvety tannins show through on the finish with a delicate hint of vanilla and cardamom.


dark, intense, and luscious fruits on the nose with bursts of mocha mid palate. long, lovely and lingering.


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