Casa Contini Brindisi Red Wine


Casa Contini


Red Wine


80% Negroamaro
10% Malvasia Nera
10% Sangiovese

Many of the wines from this region of Italy are extremely alcoholic and smell and taste of sweet, cooked and dried fruit. Winemaker Alessandro Botter’s wines are quite the opposite. Because he farms and harvests by hand, he only selects the healthy clusters for his wines, and the resulting wines possess amazing balance, tremendous intensity, and overachieving complexity.

In case you aren’t familiar with Negroamaro, it is one of the most important grapes of Puglia and Southern Italy, and it contributes rich fruit and perfumed spice and earth character. Malvasia Nera provides color and dark fruit notes and Sangiovese gives subtle red fruits, earth and acidity. All in all, the 3 grapes work incredibly well together, each one complimenting the other. After fermentation in stainless steel, Botter moves the wine to large oak casks for 24 moths of aging before he bottles it.  This long oak aging allows the wine to settle, soften, come together and gain complexity.

*** 1/2

on the nose, exhibits mature and sophisticated notes of warm raspberry, baked cherry, allspice, rosemary, vanilla, toasted coconut, and violet. the palate is full bodied and firm, with a nice sense of ripe fruit framed by dusty tannins. 


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