Château Valentin


Château Valentin



The soils here are filled with the magic of gravels laid down over centuries by long-gone glaciers that descended the Pyrenees and Massif Central with their rich loads of unique minerals. It is here in Macau that Christelle’s father, Jean Sorge, first scouted and acquired the vineyards of Château Valentin some 50 years ago. The wine tells us that geography and respect for traditional family farming matters. The vineyards total less than four acres (!) and are planted to Cabernet, Merlot and Petit Verdot, giving Christelle great flexibility in every vintage with the cépage for the wine. Those of you who have experienced her fine touch as vigneronne with Château Deyrem-Valentin will be moved by this debut to the U.S. – she’s kept it a secret for some time!

80% Cabernet
10% Petit Verdot
10% Merlot


The Cabernet provides superb structure and ample fruit, all with natural acidity. The equal parts of Petit Verdot and Merlot amount to 10% each and can be viewed as the proper final “salting” to a finely prepared dish. No funny business or magic tricks in her process, simply honest, skilled winemaking from authentic Bordelais terroir. You’ll find a striking color in the glass and a medley of rich fruits coming from the Cabernet: black currant, plum and juicy berries with a whisper of bay leaf and licorice to boot. The Petit Verdot gives a kiss of spiciness, while the Merlot lends a hint of soft black cherry and a hint of smokiness. The tannins are elegant and pristine.



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