Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Sauvignon


Napa Valley

Rutherford Ranch, California


My dad spent his whole life in Rutherford, Napa Valley, learning how to grow things – plums, walnuts, and most important of all, grapes. Like him, we spend much of our time in the vineyard, creating an environment which promotes vine health and concentrated, agreeable wines. The weather for 2014 followed the pattern of the previous two years, delivering spectacular sun and growing conditions, allowing us to harvest the vines all before the onset of winter. This vintage continues our family’s focus on creating a singular “Caymus” expression of Cabernet Sauvignon, one we are very proud of.

– Chuck Wagner, Owner and Winemaker

truly one of the best


deep red and opulent in color with the vibrant scent of dark cherry and blackberry, subtly layered with warm notes of vanilla. the palate is explosive, bright and balanced with cassis at the center, with flourishes of cocoa, sweet tobacco, and caramel spice.



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