Tellus Merlot

Tellus Merlot-001






We have always paid attention to Merlot as we are convinced that few other territories can allow this variety to express its potential. We achieve rich grapes from the best vineyards on the hills around Orvieto, where the exposure and setting, together with the soil, are fundamental for their perfect ripening. Through an appropriate vinification technique all this results in wines with great structure and a varietal character.

This wine is the result of a selection of Merlot grapes with outstanding concentration and superior organoleptic quality with the contribution of excellent soils and a low yield per vine. The contact of the must with the skins is long and intense and every day we perform four hand pressings.

Tellus Merlot, which is aged for six months in small French oak barrels, has a very deep colour.
The scents are wide, rich, soft and spicy and the aromas are noble, well balanced and harmonious with an extremely long lingering finish. It is a perfect accompaniment to red meat, meat balls with tomato sauce, minced kidney or salted codfish with tomato sauce.


deep ruby-red. sensual aromas of blackberry and purple fruits complement undertones of tobacco and vanilla. velvety tannins and a full body on the palate with a lovely balance and a long, lingering finish.
smooth and supple

Tellus Merlot



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