JAX Y3 Taureau Red

Jax Y3 Taureau


Y3 Taureau

Napa Valley


Red Blend
45% Merlot
25% Cabernet Sauvignon
20% Syrah

10% Zinfandel

“The name Taureau, was the name of the Jackson family’s prized bull, legendary for his feisty, high-kicking and vibrant personality. When perfecting this wine at their blending session, the JAX team concurred that the character of their infamous bull re ected the structure and elements of this indulgent red blend… and what a perfect tribute to their family ranching legend.”

2014 was a dream vintage, with quality along the lines of 2012
and 2013. Napa Valley’s harvest was unusually early this year. Substantial rain in late February and early March relieved most of the stress and set up the vines for a vigorous start. “Early” was the key word all season, from budbreak to veraison to harvest.

Our goal with this wine was to produce an approachable, everyday drinking wine with the high- quality fruit grown right in Napa Valley. The Syrah and Zinfandel impart dark blackberry and black cherry fruit notes to the red lush fruit of the Merlot while the Cabernet Sauvignon provides the backbone and structure of this wine. This unique blend brings out the best of each varietal producing a food friendly wine ready to be paired with a range of foods.


a big kiss of blackberry and cassis liqueur, licorice and spice followed by lush, heady, full-bodied flavors that caress the palate. balanced and delicious.


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