Murphy Goode Red Blend

Murphy Goode Red Blend





34% Zinfandel
27% Merlot
16% Petite Sirah
13% Petit Verdot
6% Syrah
4% Cabernet Sauvignon

This red blend gives us the opportunity to handcraft a balanced, bold wine that shows off the unique character of California. A layered blend from some of our favorite vineyards, we vary the composition each vintage until it’s perfect. Perfect with food. Perfect with friends. Perfect for every day.

This year’s California Red Blend is a soft red wine comprised of different varietals to create complexity and to show off the great fruit flavors that our grapes in California contribute. The nose kicks in with dark aromas of black cherries and blueberries while the first taste mixes things up with raspberries and Bing Cherries. The mouthfeel is rich yet soft and has a nice long finish that invites you to take a second sip.

 Pair it with a pot roast or simply your favorite burger.


cherry, raspberry, blueberry
silky smooth


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