1000 Stories Petite Sarah HALF BATCH

1000 Stories Petit Sirah

1000 Stories

Petite Sirah

bourbon barrel


Lake County, California

“It’s a rare moment when a winemaker finds the perfect vineyard block. For us, it’s all about the rich intensity of the fruit. When we discovered this small parcel of Petite Sirah in Lake County, we knew it would hold its own against the toast and char of our bourbon barrels. We typically select over 200 wine and bourbon barrels to age each batch. For our inaugural Half Batch release, just over 100 barrels were chosen to develop this small-lot Petite Sirah.

This is a complex wine with a striking balance of succulent fruit, savory notes and hints of grilled herbs. I get a mix of boysenberries, fig, cinnamon graham and tobacco, with that subtle hint of liquid smoke that only a bourbon barrel can deliver.”

– Bob Blue

dark fruits and figs. succulent from the start. smoke, tobacco, and the sweetness of the bourbon barrel. long delivery and slow finish. delightfully bold.


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