Shooting Star Aligoté



shooting star



In 1768 during an incredible meteor shower, a baby was born into the the Shawnee tribe. Tribal elders believe this to be an omen, and proclaimed that this baby boy would one day be a great chief of their tribe. Chief Tecumseh would always be introduced as having been born under the sign of the SHOOTING STAR.

Aligoté is a variety, which is little known but widely planted. It is popular in Eastern Europe with plantings in the Ukraine and Moldavia. In France, it is the other white grape in Burgundy, but has always played second fiddle to the noble chardonnay grape. Generally, aligoté is planted in either hilltop or cooler valley locations because it is more cold-tolerant. It has never been planted in any commercial quantity in California, but in Washington State, where cool winters are a fact of life, aligoté has found a happy home.


aromas of corn on the cob and spice lead to lightly sweet-seeming medium-bodied fruit flavors that bring a sense of balance. easy drinking.


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