Mulderbosch Chenin Blanc

Mulderbosch Chenin Blanc


chenin blanc
Steen Op Hout

wine of the western cape


south africa

Mulderbosch is widely considered one of South Africa’s iconic wineries and has established a reputation for excellence since 1989. We are tireless in our pursuit of making wines of the highest quality that honor our proud heritage and can be enjoyed by all.

The Cape’s signature variety. We have the largest planting of this variety in the world, and have been cultivating it since the late 1600′s. Chenin Blanc possesses great natural acidity and a succulence on the palate that makes some of the tastiest wines in the world.

Way back in 1996, Mulderbosch was one of the very first wine producers in the Cape to appreciate the unique potential of the grape enough to ferment it in barriques. The resultant wine quickly garnered an avid following and has since become synonymous with the variety.


initial savory, herbal aromatics lead to subtle stone fruit and delicate citrus blossom notes. distinct white peach character, as well as a fine, very pleasing oak presence. abundant succulent fruit flavors with sensational freshness. a long lasting finish that literally meanders for minutes after each delicious sip.


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