Vintage 2012

Lake County Red Wine

Sustainably Farmed

As vintners, it is our honor and responsibility to farm a land that sustains us; to preserve the environment for our generations to come. Every bottle of wine that we make is truly a harmonious expression of the earth and our commitment to it.

Having children reaffirmed our dedication to the planet. That’s why our vineyards are sustainably farmed using cover crops and sheep to control the weeds between the rows. Ever vigilant, our watchful sheep dogs stand guard over the flock and the vines, protecting them from harm. It is this same spirit that carries over in our obsession to craft wine that honor and respect the earth.

~Clay and Margarita Shannon, Vigilance Vineyards

Zinfandel, Syrah, Petite Sirah, and Cabernet.
Rich, smooth, and creamy.


Creamy milk chocolate and toffee with a smooth finish of lingering raspberry.
Truly pleasant and quite delicious.



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