Conundrum Rosé

Conundrum Rose




Wagner Family Wines

When we introduced our first vintage of Conundrum White more than 25 years ago, blends were still unheard of. We never imagined how quickly the idea would take off. In 2011, we launched Conundrum Red, and last year we introduced both Conundrum Sparkling and Rosé. Like the other Conundrum wines, our Rosé has pushed us into new territory.

We make this wine primarily from Valdiguié (/’Val dee gay/), which is largely unknown and grows only in small quantities in California. The story goes that initially, the Valdiguié grape was mistaken for Gamay, until a traveling Frenchman helped uncover its true identity. We sourced this vintage from vineyards in Paso Robles, surrounded by sandstone cliffs amidst a large cattle ranch. Valdiguié is sometimes blended with Pinot Noir to create a more robust wine – our goal was to make a Rosé that is uniquely bright and fresh, with more boldness and character than people typically expect.

Conundrum Rosé evokes a fruity brightness but is not at all sweet. Its character is intense yet light, with a refreshing quality that makes it perfect for spring and summer. We feel it is a wine that could end up being as memorable as our other Conundrums.


An alluring color of rose gold, this wine offers fresh scents of watermelon, strawberries and ripe peaches. Floral notes come through on the nose and carry over to the palate, along with flavors of berries, pomegranate and citrus. Both dry and round, layers of delicate and intense fruit flavors add a degree of character that can be elusive in a Rosé. The finish on this wine is light and bright, with a floral quality blending seamlessly with the lushness of its fruit.



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